The Extras On Friends Would Be Moved Over To Another Area Of The Scene If They Attempted To Talk With Jennifer Aniston!


It became a massive hit, and one that continues to trend today. Without a doubt,  Friends created quite the legacy during its 10 season run. However, as we'll reveal in the following, outside of the main cast, appearing on the show was often times stressful for guest stars, and even the extras on the show.

We're going to take a closer look at experiences, like how Jennifer Coolidge felt about her time on the series. Coolidge called the experience a serious one, and we'll reveal why.

In addition, we'll take a closer look on what it was like to be an extra on the show. Comedian Anjelah Johnson opened up about her experience and surprisingly, there were a lot more protocols to it than most fans expected, like what would happen if extras tried speaking to  Jennifer Aniston. We'll reveal what that was like, and how shooting an episode of Friends differentiated from other sitcoms. 


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